1. Pool design and construction

SumsPools provides you with bespoke swimming pool design and construction. From installation of filtration to heating and water treatment systems, we provide a high quality service for both residential and commercial clients.

With our in-house architect, we are able to turn your dream swimming pool into a visual reality.  This will all be discussed in the initial on-site consultation. Be it design, construction or maintenance our knowledge combined with attention to detail ensures you receive the highest quality and service.


2. Pool renovation

If your swimming pool is looking a little out-of-date, then you should consider a pool remodel or pool renovation.

Whether you need some simple repairs, or a complete makeover, we can help you. No matter how old your pool is, SumsPools will turn it into a stunning masterpiece that will save you time and energy and turn heads for years to come.

3. pool maintenance

The art of water cleaning can be difficult however our experience and technical abilities don't stop at being swimming pool builders. SumsPools know how important treating your water is, ensuring the pool is crystal clear at all times. A water treatment system is an essential part of your pool.

We ensure you achieve the ultimate experience in your pool, our maintenance team will service your pool to keep it sparkling clean. Servicing is usually done twice a week which includes vacuuming the debris in the pool, backwashing the filter, checking the pump motor, scooping the leaves, as well as adding of pool chemicals.

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4. fountains

SumsPools specializes in the design, construction and installation of bespoke water features and fountains for commercial sites, the public sector and private clients, including retail developments, the leisure industry, hotels, golf courses, parks, city gardens and private estates.

The company can source any kind of fountain or water feature, including fountains, waterfalls, modern designs such as cascading pools, and sculptural water features.

Please contact us with your design ideas and budget and we will be more than happy to help with your questions. 



SumsPools are able to give your swimming pool a new stunning finish or simply make repairs if that’s all that is required.

We can make your swimming pool special, unique and restore it to its former glory or even improve on the original design. With over 10 years experience our bespoke designers can guide you through the refurbishment of your existing swimming pool


6. fish ponds

We specialize in the design and construction of profitable fish farms that are ergonomically and environmentally friendly.  Our focus is on durability, ease of use, low energy consumption and high production capacity.

We are experts in this field and have not only built ponds from scratch, but have converted swimming pools into ponds and repaired leaking ponds. (For repairs to ponds, we keep the fish in a quarantine tank on our customers premises for the duration of the repair.)

We are fish farmers ourselves, and are thus continuously testing new equipment and methods, and integrating these in our designs and the training we offer farmers on commissioning of new systems.

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